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Beacons and Consumer Engagement

The future is in your hands.

Superior analytics and advanced mobile messaging technologies. Complete end to end service and customization of all your mobile messaging needs.

Dream Team Canada and Dream Team USA have your entire mobile and consumer engagement needs covered. With our cutting edge technologies and customizable proximity and presence solutions, we put your brand in the palm of your customers hands.

Component Flexibility

It isn’t easy to fit a square peg into a round hole, especially if that hole doesn’t even exist. It is for that reason we have developed multiple component configurations and power options for all our engagement and presence solutions.

Single mode BLE beacons for ubiquitous mobile platforms and operating systems for workforce management, asset management, tracking, and logistics.

Dual mode beacons for engagement and proximity applications to ensure your message is transmitted and received regardless of device or operating systems.

High Performance enterprise-grade proximity solutions with 1GHz processors, 802.11 Wi-Fi compliance and BLE radio. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications with cloud based remote monitoring.

Peer to Peer networking and gateway configurations.

The industries first BLE-to-WiFi gateway. In additional to unique component flexibility, we have proprietary Cloud Content Management, Mobile Application SDK, Mobile business applications and state of the art analytics and real time data insight. Everything you business or brands needs to engage remotely with the world.


We offer a variety of services that are easily customizable to your needs and requirements. From application development to campaign management, our team has the deployment and engineering services along with the training to support a flawless and reliable execution and deployment. Partner with us or license our technology with 3rd party applications, we welcome the opportunity.

  • Mobile marketing readiness assessment
  • Development and integration
  • Sensor location analysis
  • Analysis based on collected analytics

Capabilities and Solutions

Mobile Sensing Technologies offering battery powered, solar or PoE for flexible integration, office analytics and ubiquitous smartphone operating system compliance.

Administration and Management with no Wi-Fi or broadband infrastructures required. Installation in less than 5 minutes with frictionless customer experience.

Analytics and Open API provides an extensive cloud-based analytic platform with real-time campaign management. We are built on an “Open Source” coding platform for seamless integration into back-end systems.

Mobile Marketing Platforms provide a holistic view of your customers path to purchase in real—time. With in-store product search and recommendations, our hyper-driven marketing features push and provide anything from mobile coupons to authoring and tracking tools.

Mobile Messaging allows you to communicate effortlessly with SMS and MMS campaigns and easily integrates into existing messaging platforms.

Mobile Payment Services provides seamless check-out with secure mobile payment transactions. Compatible with non NFC mobile devices and supports all major credit, debit and gift cards.

Indoor Mapping Technologies through compressed mapping data for fast downloads. Easy integration throughout your wireless engagement zones providing your customers contextual information in real-time.

White Label Services allows you to completely customize all our services into a sinkable front-end all through a customizable beacon housing. Seamless integration into existing loyalty programs allowing for direct communication with customer party applications, we welcome the opportunity.

We provide:

  • Pre-deployment cost/benefit analysis
  • Post-deployment system tuning

throughout the entire path to purchase.


Proximity beacon technology and software solutions provide superior business intelligence, unparalleled mobile customer engagement, and delivers workplace management solutions for multiple industries with real-time tracking and location capabilities.

Casinos, Hotels, Resorts, Sporting and Conference Venues

Malls, Big Box, Chains and Boutiques

Consumer Packaging opportunities

Marketing Agencies
Advertising agencies and Marketing Firms

Physician’s offices, hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, After Hours Clinics

Digital Signage integration at malls, airports, or public transportation shelters

Real-time tracking of high value assets and inventory, Workforce Management, Workforce movement, and location intelligence