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Based in Carlsbad, California, Blast Motion is defining the future of personalized motion capture technology. By seamlessly identifying and integrating real-time motion metrics with video highlights, Blast Motion innovations create a contextually rich user experience that enhances the way people capture, share and compare life’s actions.

Brought together by a passion for leading edge technology, Blast Motion’s founders saw the opportunity to revolutionize the use of motion capture technology long before it was technologically possible. Today Blast Motion engineers precision motion sensors and app interfaces with the intent of changing the way we communicate. By tying together multiple forms of media and data, Blast allows anyone to easily capture and track any moment, in multiple dimensions.

Blast technology innovates around motion capture to create seamless user experiences through exacting combinations of hardware and software. Blast aims to design systems that are highly accurate and effective, while also simple and intuitive. Their innovations in data capture include leading edge sensor technology as well as data collection, consolidation and translation applications. The implications of Blast’s technology reach far and wide as the development team continues to create new ways to curate multi-dimensional accounts of moments that matter.

Research and Development Services
Blast Motion offers leading edge research and development of motion detection and capture, as well as analysis. They also lead in development of app enabled consumer electronic products and data driven systems. Current emphasis and expertise focuses on sports, fitness and gaming, with capabilities that extend into many other industries. If you’re interested in what Blast Motion can do for your product or idea, please contact us.

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