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Driven to forever challenge the status quo. It started in a California garage full of bikes, motorcycles, a ‘69 Camaro, and a dog named Sprocket. Element Case was born with the drive to forever challenge the status quo. Now, widely recognized as the longtime leader of the ultra-premium market, we are yet again redefining and innovating phone protection the way the brand attained its reputation—doing what others can’t or won’t.

Crafted so every case is our signature. The design and engineering of a genuine Element Case starts with the materials and manufacturing processes we’ve specifically adopted to achieve our creative vision. Every case we make is our signature, an exemplification of the principles we believe in.

Thrill is at the heart of everything we create. Spectator or participant, we get our excitement from different places, but all share the same kind of rush. Heart pounding, blood pumping, sheer ecstasy. Element Case lives to create gear that replicates that sensation. Blending inventive ideas, exotic materials, and precision craftsmanship, our cases are built expressly for the way you live—built for thrill.

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Element CaseElement Case@Bu3amraz Yeah, the Ronin still has a lot of fans out there.24 hours ago
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Element CaseElement Case@Bu3amraz No word on the Ronin. The leather case right now is the Enigma https://t.co/g9MqT95GnE2 days ago
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