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With a record of revolutionizing battery technology for the world’s fastest cars, the GO PUCK team set out to create the ultimate personal power solution. Designed for those with an Active Lifestyle, GO PUCK gives you the only wearable, compact and durable power source for all your mobile devices. Powerful enough to charge your devices multiple times yet small enough to put in your pocket, the GO PUCK is an essential component of your daily gear. Whether you’re a frequent outdoorsman, an avid business traveler, or a major content producer, the GO PUCK allows you to stay connected, capture priceless moments and enjoy mobile freedom.


GO PUCK is a USA based design and manufacturing company offering the world’s most versatile and powerful hands-free, device power solution. GO PUCK’s WEARABLE POWER enables charging the widest variety of mobile devices to be powered untethered from wall outlets, giving users total Mobile Freedom.

Premium model, the 6XR, features intelligence to power devices from 3-12 volts, USB products, Apple Devices and is Qualcomm 2.0 and 3.0 certified.  With the 6XR, you can enjoy enough capacity to charge popular phones (e.g. iPhone 6s) about five times and a charging speed of up to four times faster than conventional chargers.

Developed by Anil Paryani, patent holder for the Tesla Supercharging system, and Blake Fuller, the designer and inventor of lithium-ion batteries used in some of the world’s fastest cars including every Indy Race Car, Fuller transferred his expertise of designing durable, lightweight power that can withstand the hazards of elite car racing to create GO PUCK.

Equipped with a patented “ACTIVE MOUNT”, or combined with the new “PRO MOUNTS” creates a hands-free system that allows GO PUCK to mount to everything from backpacks, action cameras, bicycles and more.