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Just like indigestion, inspiration can hit you anytime and come from the strangest places. We bring life to the products we create and love after talking with our dogs, watching the waves, curving the mountains and caressing our guitars. We are two friends who got together and decided to do things a little better – no shortcuts, no cheap components, no flavor enhancers. You are here because you demand the best – and the best you shall receive.


Like shamans, we flew from pole to pole scouring the Earth in search for the best talent for our squad and partnering with people who force us to be better, think crazier and exceed our own expectations. Together we work on ideas in the secret labs that are our minds. Some of Frankenstein’s monsters never come to life but a few are presented to the world to be tried, tested and loved.


Taking the tones we have loved over the years, we created something familiar yet different, weaving rich harmonic textures like electronic cotton candy. We wanted to encapsulate their flavor in a sleek enclosure for you to wield its power. We wanted your guitar to sing with the harmony made of an insomniac’s dream.

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