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We want to use technology and stay connected wherever we go, and we want our mobile devices to be safe and secure. MountnGo™ is the first and only smartphone and tablet mounting system designed to withstand extreme environments. Whether boating, motorcycling, kayaking, paddleboarding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, bouncing around in an ATV, or just anywhere you want to go, MountnGo’s rugged construction and precision engineering lets you take your devices along for the ride.

MountnGo products were developed by U.S. based, sports technology company, ImedgeBoards. Tested in climate and destructibility labs and on lakes and slopes from Maine to Montana, more than 500 water and snowsport riders, resort owners, coaches and professional athletes have been consulted during design and development.

MountnGo has been designed from the ground up, especially made for those with a passion for recreation and the outdoors. Our mounts are built with multi-purpose thermoplastic elastomer featuring excellent heat resistance, weatherability and compression set. Durable, shock and vibration absorbing, temperature resistant and lightweight, the mount lies flat and contours to the surface so there are no rough edges. No screws, no clips, no magnets–no damage to surfaces; MountnGo attaches safely and securely with 3M™ VHB™ tape.

Voice Activated GoPro Camera App
And as a bonus for mount purchasers, the team at MountnGo is making available free via rebate, TheVerbApp. Available for any GoPro camera, TheVerbApp features hands-free voice control technology that connects any GoPro camera to your mobile device! On a boat, kayak, motorcycle, ATV, snowboard, most anywhere you want to go, the MountnGo™ system lets you record, review and share your videos in real-time using voice activation from your mobile device. Now, take your smartphone or tablet everywhere you go, protect them with MountnGo, and for GoPro camera users, capture and playback video via voice activation technology, then share it with friends–right in the moment.

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