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About Nanotips

What is Nanotips? It’s a conductive polyamide liquid solution that can transform your ordinary gloves into touchscreen ones. Formulated using nanotechnology, Nanotips mimics the touch of human skin. It was designed with functionality and durability in mind making it great for all lifestyles.

Why Nanotips?

How many pairs of gloves do you own? How many of them are touchscreen compatible? Nanotips is the most cost friendly and effective solution that will transform all the gloves you own into touchscreen ones. Upgrade your existing gloves or choose from a wider selection without being limited to style, comfort, and functionality.

Long lasting. Our formula is designed to last. Each application can last from a few weeks to a few months. It all depends on what you use your gloves for. If it wears off, simply re-apply!

Restoring functionality. Touchscreen gloves eventually stop working from daily wear and tear. Nanotips has the ability to restore the functionality and value to these gloves.

Multiple applications. We have put enough liquid into each bottle to treat multiple gloves. Nanotips Blue can treat an average of 15 fingers while Nanotips Black can treat up to 30! So go ahead. Share with a friend or turn all your gloves into touchscreen gloves!

Freedom to choose. With the huge variety of gloves on the market, why should you be limited to the select few that have touchscreen compatibility? Nanotips gives you the freedom to choose the perfect glove while not having to worry about touchscreen functionality.

NANOTIPS is for everyone. From the cold winter months to the hot summer days, Nanotips is functional in every season. Military gloves, running gloves, biking gloves, construction gloves, golfing gloves and even the thickest snowboarding and skiing gloves can now all be made touchscreen compatible.

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NANOTIPSNANOTIPSGood stuff. Lots of useful information still today. Definitely need to check this out if you haven't. #LetsTalkExports2 years ago 4 1
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NANOTIPSNANOTIPSDeebees. Awesome product! #LetsTalkExports2 years ago 0 1
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