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Groundbreaking, intuitive and beautifully-designed connected consumer electronics. Truly smart, Netatmo’s innovative products provide a seamless experience that helps users create a safer, healthier and more comfortable home.

Netatmo carefully designs the mechanics, electronics and embedded software of all its products to the highest standards. Netatmo also creates the mobile and web applications that fully realise their potential.

Since 2012 Netatmo has released four devices, all of them infused with intelligence and delivering state-of-the-art features:
• The Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone allows users to keep track of what is happening in their indoor and outdoor environments in more than 170 countries. It is the world’s largest collaborative weather station network.
• The Netatmo Thermostat for Smartphone, designed by Philippe Starck, allows users to control their heating remotely from a smartphone. With analysis of their daily routine, the Thermostat for Smartphone allows users to save 37% on energy heat their home.
• Welcome, the indoor security camera with face recognition technology, puts names to the faces it sees. The camera notifies the user exactly who’s at home, their loved ones or a stranger.
• Presence, Netatmo’s outdoor security camera, detects and reports on people, cars and animals. The camera understands what it sees and lets the user know exactly what is happening outside his home.

Netatmo is a key player in the smart home industry, with products available through various distribution networks worldwide, from both major retailers and BtoB channels.

In November 2015 Netatmo completed a series B funding round of €30 million. The company previously raised €4.5 million in 2013.

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