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With our distribution network at your disposal, you can rest assured that your products have maximum visibility and accessibility throughout all key North American markets.

Current Innovations Inc (CI²)

Current Innovations Inc (CI²) is the exciting new Consumer Electronics distribution division of LCM Distribution and Detail Merchandising.

Founded in 1997, Detail Merchandising and LCM Distribution has every service needed to ensure product gets from factory to shelf in North America.

Operating as the exclusive multi-awarded national distribution arm of Siemens Canada is a strong indication of LCM & DM capabilities and competencies. It is this foundation the principals continue to build upon with selective partners and objectives. In conjunction with high performance standards and a mandate to be ethical in everything that we do, our maturity and professionalism has rewarded us and our retail partners time and again.

Current Innovations, Detail
 Merchandising and LCM Distribution are all
 privately owned ISO 9001:2008 certified 
business units and operate within an efficient
 30ooo sq ft facility in central Ontario. Fully
 EDI compliant, our services and flexibility 
allow us to easily integrate into any point in the supply chain, servicing retailers across Canada and into the USA and Latin Americas.

Our in-field services provided by Detailed Merchandising are industry respected and a valued aspect of our organization and brand support. We provide frontline communication, data collection/ analysis and effective sales growth strategies that can be implemented nationally. Traditional merchandising services, as well as audit to retailer implementation, are also provided.

CI² domestic distribution center and corporate head office serve as the national order management center for all brands capturing and auditing all national orders. Complete inventory and forecast management result in a single point of accounting, financing and communication from the entire country. Our pick, pack, fill rates and service levels exceed 99%. In addition, we also manage and finance all terms, invoicing and collections of payments domestically. We are capable of cross docking, product packaging and customization, security tagging, localization, UPC and case pack amendment, language compliance and displayer/pallet program compliance.

Corporate Overview

Detail Merchandising was founded in 1997. Initially, we provided in-store service work for Siemens at all big box locations across Canada. Over the course of the past 16 years we have matured as a company and become a strong proactive sales force targeting independent retailers, regional and national retail big box stores.

LCM Distribution Services was launched in June, 2003 to serve Canadian retailers and provide manufacturers with distinctly Canadian Distribution solutions. Working in tandem with Detail Merchandising, LCM provides an incomparable level of service for the retail channel

Current Innovations was launched in September, 2010 to further service Canadian retailers across Canada in the CE and Telecom space and to support Dream Team Canada/ USA distribution requirements.

We operate from an advanced 30,000 sq./ft. facility centrally located in Burlington Ontario with easy access to major courier hubs.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Proven systems enable same-day product turnaround, product customization including UPC and product repackaging, security tagging, product localization, product bundling and more. Transactions are managed with advanced systems with full EDI capability tailored to meet manufacturer and retailer specific requirements.

Over the past several years LCM has received several awards most notably Supplier of the Year from Siemens Canada in 2006, 2008 and 2011 and a recent award from Reno Depot – Vendor of the Year 2013.

LCM Distribution has Vendor Numbers and relationships with all the key retailers in the Canadian market place.

LCM and Detail are privately held corporations managed by an experienced team of Electrical Distribution Industry veterans.

Guiding principals
1. We believe our people are our greatest asset.
2. Our performance standards shall always exceed those of our competition.
3. We believe in and invest in technology.
4. No matter what – we shall be ethical in all we do.

Team Members

Steve Malizia – Managing Director
• 15 years – Electrical Wholesale (Nedco), 11 years – LCM Electrical Retail Channel
• An International Executive with over 15 years experience as a skilled visionary leader and entrepreneur.
• A decision-making role involving high-level decisions about policy and strategy.

Tom Malizia – President
• 28+ years Rexel Canada
• Past 6 yrs. managing LCM Electrical/Detail Retail Channel
• Focused upon daily operations, perpetually measuring company performance
• Excellent knowledge, networking and reputation throughout electrical industry

Sean Mulligan – National Sales Manager
• 18+ years Retail Sales, Ryobi, Bay Mills, Airco Hong Kong
• Sales, margin and budget accountability
• Skilled negotiator and communicator
• Holds excellent relationships with all major Retailers

Charles Hall –Business Systems Manager
• Visionary architect of scalable in-house proprietary software (WLS) – backbone of our operation
• Responsible for all systems and processes
• Accountable for all seamless integration with retailers and adherence to compliance requirements

Our Capabilities

In the Field: Detail Merchandising
• Frontline communication for all matters
• Data collection, analysis and interpretation
• Development and implementation of sales growth strategies
• Evaluation and input of retail pricing levels – “channels must be in balance”
• Negotiations of annual VBA’s, introduction of price increases
• Input and selection of sku’s for turn optimization in stores
• Traditional Merchandising Services
• Defective product inspection

Our Distribution Centre: Current Innovations Inc (CI2)
• Integrates seamlessly with all vendors and retailers – technology
• Elimination of orders placed in error – order management
• Inventory control – a dedicated retail inventory
• Pick, Pack, Ship – Fill rates and service levels exceed 99%
• Value added packaging, assembly and bundling
• Invoicing and collections
• Reverse logistics – returns
• Our various Distribution Models allow manufacturers to maximize their Canadian sales and market share while limiting their direct involvement and the associated costs.
• Our Models allow us to work closely with our Vendors who are able to direct us on delicate issues that transcend channels – such as pricing and product selection.
• We consider ourselves an extension of our Vendors, and support existing relationships by taking whatever management is required of all national and regional customer accounts and affairs.
• Our mandate is to continue to develop new customers and proactively create new opportunities.

Supply Chain Solutions

Current Innovations Inc (CI2) offers many supply chain service solutions designed specifically for the Retail Channel. At the core to these are three basic models which can be modified and are entirely flexible;

Full Service Distribution

• Purchase product
• Maintain all service levels
• Invoice and P.O.D.
• Dedicated Sales Force
• Manage and own key Retail relationships

• Maximize Sales
• Consolidation of Transactions
• Reduce Inventory Levels
• Reduce Associated Costs

Master Distribution

• Purchase product
• Maintain all service levels
• Invoice and P.O.D.
• Assist Vendor with key Retail relationships

• Independent Infrastructure
• Consolidation of transactions
• Inherent reduction of SGA Costs and currency risk

Third Party Logistics

• Traditional Pick, Pack and Ship
• Transactional or/and base fee structure
• No interaction with Retail customers

• Service Accountability
• Focus on sales and marketing efforts