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Canadian and USA Returns and Servicing

The Dream Team is proud to partner with Professional Electronics, one of North America’s premier servicing and return logistics providers.

Professional Electronics has maintained an exclusive relationship with some of the world’s top consumer electronics brands. We deliver a calculable and viable revenue stream for any brand after the return to retailer while protecting the main revenue generating distribution channel. Professional Electronics provides and manages a “win-win-win” solution. Win for the brand. Win for the retailer. Win for the customer.

Professional Electronics (PE) is a full service reverse logistics company with more than 40 years experience. Full return logistics, servicing, screen/scrapping, rebuilding, repair and recycling are part of the expanded services Professional Electronics offers.

PE is the exclusive service company behind Panasonic, Tyco Integrated Security, Tyco Security, Tyco Retail Solutions, ADT, Samsung Techwin as well has serviced notable consumer electronics brands like JBL and harman/kardon.

Professional Electronics can service down to the component level and operates out of two state of the art facilities in North America. One in central Ontario and a second in Florida USA. The Canadian location is 30,000 sq ft and the Deerfield Beach Florida location is 25,000 sq ft.

The professional suite of full service reverse logistics includes receiving, validating and processing all customer returns in any condition.

Advanced Exchange Programs

Providing an “end to end” solution for customer advance replacements including order processing, warehousing and distribution.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Recovery

We work directly with the OEM’s providing an “end to end solution” for our customers insuring that they receive credit and/or warranty on the items they purchase.

National Repair Solutions

Servicing down to the component level on a wide range of electronic products.

  • LED, LCD, Plasma TV’s
  • Microwave Ovens and other appliances Digit Still Cameras
  • Cordless Telephones
  • Home Theatre Products
  • Personal Health Care Products
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Door Controllers
  • Access Control Readers
  • Cameras (Analog and IP)
  • Detection Systems
  • Deactivators
  • EAS Pedestals and Antennas

Kitting and shipping of parts assemblies

PE can ensure that no matter what servicing needs to be, we can provide the kitting and shipping of all parts to properly service the bands.

Quality Assurance Reporting

We are able to accurately identify and provide detailed reporting on common failures, safety issues and epidemic faults in a timely and easily digested format. We will be able to track and provide historical data to find trend in manufacturing fault or end user error.

Parts Harvesting

Harvesting parts from obsolete, non-repairable and scrap items reduce repair costs and/or generates a new revenue stream for the brand. We are glad to pass those saving onto the manufacturer and n return the end user.


Refurbish product to manufacturer specifications is a key component of Professional Electronics. We will work with your organization to ensure compliance and non-disclosure of technical schematics and trade protected technologies.

Returns and Distribution

We purchase customer returns in “as is” condition and refurbish them to manufacturer’s specifications. This authorized product is sold through our mature global distribution channels with no impact to our customer’s new sales channels.

Salvage Recovery

We work directly with a variety recycling companies insuring our customers are receiving maximum return for their scrap inventory. Professional Electronics is all about the future of the earth. We all have a responsibility and we do our part to salvage and recycle our parts.