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We are your full service brand representation and marketing agency.

A partnership with us ensures that all of your marketing and operational requirements are covered without question.

Discover everything the Dream Team can do for your brand:

Beacons & Consumer Engagement
Through the use of beacon technology, we can place your brand directly into the palms of nearby consumers.
Marketing & Strategy
We can help you better understand your target market, increase your reach, manage your brand’s reputation, and more.
Servicing & Return Logistics
Our partners are among the premier servicing and return logistics providers in Canada & The USA.
Web Development
Custom websites, template-based websites, content management systems, eCommerce sites, and more.
Logistics & Warehousing
Our distribution network allows you to enjoy maximum visibility and accessibility throughout all key North American markets.
Sales Management & Representation
Our team has decades of executive leadership, team management, and brand representation experience across the Americas.
Influencers Galore
Product launches, trade shows, and other corporate events. Ensure that things go off without a hitch!
Web Marketing
Our services include search engine optimization, PPC advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and much more.
“Todd was arguably the best CE distributor country manager we had. Todd was always the guy who got lifestyle products best and did a lot of work with me when I was launching the Roxy/Quicksilver products with JBL. Todd totally gets it!”
Susan Paley, General Manager EVP Product Development, Beats By Dr. Dre
“Here’s what you do…ask for Todd”
Gene Simmons, KISS
“….let me make this very clear…Todd Taylor is the reason we have the business today…”
John Bradley, Hudson Group
“…if you don’t…you will be sorry…”
Paul Stanley, KISS
“…It’s a great partnership that Todd is doing a very good job promoting. His relationships here help that a lot in my opinion. Solid player…”
Mike Pratt, CEO Guitar Center, Best Buy Canada
  • Netclearance Systems
  • Fifty Three
  • EarSkinz
  • Catalyst
  • Deciwatt
Influence Galore

Believe In The Dream, Trust In The Team!

Whatever it is that you dream to achieve, our team will work diligently to make that our reality. From our combined decades of experience and education, we clearly understand what it takes to be dedicated towards goals and success. If you have a dream for where you want your company, product, or brand to be, we know the logical ways to attain this reality. We have the capabilities and diversity within our team to achieve your goals. Entrust your dream with us.

…we all must believe in order to achieve. Without fear, tangible success will absolutely appear and ultimately survive. Don’t let it all go when you hear “no”! iTODDism