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Meet The Dream Team

The Dream Team is comprised of a group of talented individuals who are specialists in their respective fields. With our combined knowledge of sales, marketing, operations management and web technologies we can lead your brand towards its ultimate success. Learn more about our individual team members below.

Expertise and experience, our team members come highly recommended.

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Todd Taylor
Owner Of The Future

Todd Taylor has over 20 years executive management, sales and distribution experience. An expert in brand building and category development, he launched and owned 70% of the IOS Eco-System and has held positions such as Sr. Managing Director of a multi-divisional international distribution company and Buyer for Future Shop.

Todd has worked along side of Disney, Roxy/Quicksilver, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS plus many of the worlds top brands in consumer electronics, musical instruments, professional audio and action sports. Todd is one of the industries top respected individuals. He has a keen sense of seeing far into the future while executing and delivering on the task at hand today.

Todd helped build out the Future Shop brand owning positions and accolades such as top earning salesperson, regional marketing manager, store manager, buyer, human resources manager, and worked coast to coast for the company. Prior to that Todd worked in crisis management for General Mills and the Olive Garden restaurants. His success led him across the country increasing morale, profits and imputing effective change into the entire management team.

Wes Skitch
Intl. Retail Consultant and Executive Coach

The former Executive Vice-President of Best Buy and Future Shop Canada, Wes Skitch is an extremely well respected and trusted member of the retail community. He maintains close relationships with all C and EVP level management of major retailers in our markets and therefore brings about a significant amount of trust, knowledge and respect in our relationships with our retailers.

Wes’s deep retail expertise and extensive commercial acumen have been acquired over the course of his remarkable career. Having worked his way from the ground up, he possesses an unsurpassed understanding of retail operation and leadership management. Wes’ intuitive understanding of consumer electronics retail allowed him to develop and execute sales management and training programs that delivered exceptional bottom-line results and rapidly grew market share, at the expense of competitors.

In 1982, Wes accepted the task of launching Future Shop’s second store in Richmond, BC. Three years later, Wes was tasked with leading Future Shop’s Alberta expansion. Soon thereafter, Future Shop acquired the title of Canada’s number one consumer electronics retailer and Wes was promoted to Vice President of Operations of Canada, with responsibility for sales of $1.5 billion.In 2003, Wes was tasked with the opening of a fleet of Best Buy stores under their banner as well as running and growing the profitable Future Shop brand.

Wes’ leadership played a key role in the positioning of a dual-brand strategy; Best Buy and Future Shop as the top consumer electronics retailers in Canada, with sales of approximately $6 billion and close to 22,000 employees. Wes went on to help Best Buy International develop a strategy for entering China’s highly fragmented market.

Wes’ deep understanding of retail operational effectiveness and his ability to work effectively with sr. executives to achieve results that exceeded expectations has earned him admiration of many clients including Best Buy International and Sony Canada, The Brick, Five Star Electronics (China), Phone House (Spain).


Digital Marketing Manager at Influencers Galore
Kait is the Digital Marketing Manager at Influencers Galore, a Premium Influencer Marketing Agency. Since the launch of the Brand, Kait has compiled a Top Talent database of Influencers throughout her personal connections as a micro influencer and various marketing initiatives. Kait has directed multiple product, monetary and commission campaigns for high profile brands looking to build their image throughout influencer marketing. The success of Influencers Galore continues to grow with each campaign which has now prompted the International Expansion of the Agency.
James Vannelli
Web Marketing Strategist

James and his company Action 3 Media specialize in helping businesses succeed through their online efforts. This is accomplished through three steps; consultation, strategy, and action. James’ approach is simple. He will first assess your business and help you determine your goals, the value you bring to the marketplace, and your opportunities. From that point forward, he will develop your online marketing plan and select the most appropriate tools to execute that plan.

James has a formalized education, and extensive self-education in both marketing and web development. Its very rare that someone is able to understand how to create a marketing plan and how to work with programming languages, servers and other web technologies – but that is exactly what he is capable of doing. James has assembled a team of other web specialists including web developers, server specialists, PPC campaign managers, copywriters, video production experts, SEO specialists, and more. With all of this in place, James can handle the planning and execution of your online marketing from A-Z.

Patricia Trépanier
Personal Stylist for Men
Since 2008 Patricia Trépanier has styled hundreds of successful men.

She is a writer for Baxtton Magazine for Men and has been featured in various fashion publications such as Sharp Magazine and Daily XY. She has also styled numerous fashion editorials and advertising photo shoots.

When it comes to first impressions, people generally do judge a book by its cover! Whether it be in business or relationships, a well-dressed man always has the advantage.

She divides her time between Montreal and Toronto.
Visit her website YourPersonalStylist.ca

Jesse Fulton
Partner, 365 Sports
Jesse Fulton is a retired Pro Snowboarder. He was the first snowboarder in the world to complete a “double backflip 1080”. With 36 professional podiums to his credit he retired #2 in the world. He is a current Partner of 365 sports.
Mark Spicoluk
CEO, Cloud Empire

Mark Spicoluk is the former bassist for Avril Lavigne, and Head of A&R for both Universal Canada and Simmons Records. He appeared weekly on Much Music’s hit reality show Disband, and is currently Judge on YTV’s youth talent search show The Next Star. Mark is also the Founder of Underground Operations and is currently the acting CEO of CloudEmpire.”It’s just music babe… ” -Mark Spicoluk

David Karon
Managing Partner, Helvet Collective
David Karon has had 20 years of experience in A&R, Marketing and Celebrity Endorsements. Having worked with household names like Pink Floyd, Metallica, KISS or Fall Out Boy, David has developed multi-million dollar artist product deals. Handpicking inspiring and unique brands, David works with them to expand their reach, increase sales and stand out from competitors by coupling them with some of the biggest names in show business. His strength is in identifying natural synergies between companies and artists whose work, philosophy and reach complement each other to create truly meaningful collaborations.
Ross Sortino
An energetic and driven entrepreneur who has a big appetite for developing products and brands and driving sales. Ross has over 17 years of experience in the North American retail market. Having worn several hats along the way, Ross has experienced both the retail buying and vendor selling side of retail, with several recognized organizations. As the founder of Cinch Solutions Consulting Inc., he has an eye for finding unique and exclusive products and brands, as well as developing products of his own.
If its sourcing, sales, product development, account management, packaging design or marketing ideas, that you are looking for, Ross can use his plethora of resources to satisfy and exceed customer expectations and produce the desired results. Dealing with Ross is a Cinch!
Greg Winter
Greg Winter has over 22+ years executive management, sales and distribution experience in North America. An expert in brand building and category development, he has held positions such as National Accounts Manager of a multi-divisional international manufacturer company and Manager of Retail Purchasing for Hartco – CompuSmart.

Greg utilizes his extensive industry experience to exceed corporate requirements for profitability and growth through active development of existing sales channels, while concurrently developing new potential lines of business.

Core competencies include:
* Strategic Market Positioning
* Competitive Market Analysis
* Key Client Retention
* Solution Selling Strategies
* Territory Growth & Development
* Organizational Leadership
* Team Building
* High-Impact Sales Presentations
* Retailer/Reseller/VAR Networks

Greg is one of the industries top respected individuals. He has a keen sense of seeing far into the future while executing and delivering on the task at hand today.