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mar·ket·ing noun \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\

: the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, making sure that the products are available to be bought. The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

strat·e·gy noun \stra-ta-jē\

: a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time. The skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal.

The Team Concept

Our ultimate dream is for our team to collaborate with your organization in complete unison, working towards knowing and understanding consumers to the point that our brands and services sell themselves.

Understanding Consumers

Identification of our consumer’s needs is in our blood and in our DNA. Our team is in constant discussion and review of emerging trends and consumer habits. We are connected and “at the table” at all levels of management within our retail and brand partners. Our knowledge of trend and the consumer has allowed us to all exceed to executive levels within the retail community and valued respected partners in business.

Our Reach is Global

Our knowledge in conjunction with our global connections allows us to speak to price with a logical understanding and merit for its accuracy and viability in the market. We can assist in establishing best price across all aspects of the process from manufacturing to retail.

Brand Reputation is Key

We are very strategic and ethical in executing and protecting distribution of all brands and services we are entrusted with. We make sure we are protecting the reputation of the brand, the customer and our team, “ALWAYS” and “ALL ways”. We take a logical approach to distribution to ensure the growth of the brand is successful within the retail partner and the retail community.

Maximize Growth Potential

In conjunction with the above, our minds excel and foster a keen ability to secure and activate effective promotion for the services or brand we are entrusted with. Our network of partners and their services provide us with many viable avenues to promote the brand within the demographic and areas that will yield the greatest return for all involved.

We Believe In The Following:


Solution (Service/Product)
Ensuring the tangible product or service being offered to the market is ready.


Appraising (Pricing)
Establishing the logical price


Location (Placement)
Where the service or product will be found by the consumer.


Elevation (Promotion)
Steps taken to create consumer awareness of the service or product.


Establishing where the product or service is positioned in the mind of the consumer.

This is what the Dream Team is all about. SALES. We are logical and tactical in every step of this process, ensuring the integrity of the brand is never affected. Entrust your brand “ALL” ways, and us, “ALWAYS”.

Believe In The Dream, Trust In The Team

We all must believe in order to achieve.

We have created and developed some of the nations most compelling and effective retail campaigns.

Winning product of the year, changing the landscape of retail, owning over 50% market share in categories and developing new retail experiences and brands across the continent.

When you entrust us with your brand, our team will work closely with yours to own the future. Our years of retail experience combined with the knowledge of the market and consumer trends will be a valuable foundation for us to market your brand upon.