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Believe in the Dream, Trust in the Team

Logical and sensible, mature and methodical, the Dream Team has many years of executive leadership, team management, and brand representation experience across the Americas.

Our Experience

We have managed billion dollar distribution networks and also retail companies with employees in the thousands and revenues in the billions. Our ability to assemble a team or manage a team already in place makes the Dream Team the perfect team to lead and represent your brand in North America.

Our Values, Our Mandate

It is our mandate to be methodical and focused on all practical and effective sales disciplines to lead teams and individuals towards successful and profitable sales. The future of any company partly lies in its sales peoples ability to secure meaningful and profitable partnerships. We value this process and feel it is a critical piece to the growth and sustainability of a brand. It is for that reason our sales reps are hand picked veterans and some of the industries top category captains at multiple retailers.

Entrust Us With Your Brand.
We Will Hit The Streets And Do What We Do Best.

S Sales planning
We know where our ultimate destination is. We know all the roads and avenues available to get there. We have a roadmap that all will follow.

T Training
We will ensure all our associates are packed and ready to go hit the streets with everything they need to be successful. Fueled with knowledge and street smarts, there is no better vehicle to drive sales than confidence.

R Recruiting / staffing
Our network is vast and expands beyond international boarders. We are always on the look out for new people to help drive sales or take us to places we have never been.

E Evaluation
We constantly have our eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. We are in constant communication with our reps and team gauging their performance and servicing their needs.

E Efficiency
We never get turned around or lost en route. We have the proper vehicles in place to reach our goals and destination on time.

T Team Management
Communication is the driving force that fuels our team. We are in constant with them making sure they hit the streets and reach their destination.

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