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The Same Wind Blows On All Of Us. The Winds Of Disaster, Opportunity And Change. What Matters Is Not The Blowing Of The Wind But The Setting Of The SALE.

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Dream Team Americas has more than three decades of distinguished experience in offering bespoke Sales Management and Representation Services to its clients worldwide. We focus on the strategic growth of your brand and its maximum market domination through unbelievable sales growth, remarkable revenue rise, and unmatched profitability.

We go above and beyond the traditional sales force to help you accomplish your unique business goals. With extraordinary field experience and an outstanding network of tremendously talented executives, we are your competitive edge when it comes to seamless execution Sales Management and Representation.

Here are some of our trailblazing Sales Management and Representation Services.

Brand Management

Dream Team America’s groundbreaking and futuristic brand management services are just what you need to establish appropriate brand values, implement intelligent brand building strategies, evaluate brand performance and accomplish radical brand growth.

Your unique selling proposition sets you apart from your competitors. Our brand management experts help you leverage your unique selling proposition. We have an excellent team of massively motivated, exceptionally experienced, quintessentially qualified and tremendously trained branding experts. They add incredible value to your company through the exceptional day to day brand oversight involving forecasting, analytics, insights, brand strategy formulation and implementation and progress monitoring.

Dream Team America’s creativity, innovation and result-driven brand managers excel at meeting and exceeding your entrepreneurial and marketing objectives. All our efforts are always focused on sustaining, nurturing, strengthening, and growing your brand.

Sales Strategy Formulation

Dream Team Americas strongly believes that the secret to unparalleled market dominance lies in the power of a winning sales strategy. For a business to be beyond successful, it needs to take care of its bottom line. A winning sales strategy just does that.

Our teams of superbly skilled sales strategists excel at crafting and implementing smart sales strategies unique to your business and marketing objectives. They formulate efficient and effective sales strategies after careful target market evaluation, competitor analysis, revenue goals assessment, product/service pricing evaluation, SWOT Analysis, and resource structure assessment.

Our top-notch executives deliver result-driven strategic direction to your sales team that amplifies your revenue, profitability and bring you radical business growth.

Sales Management

Sales Management is the heart of every entrepreneurial endeavour. Dream Team Americas has a dedicated sales management team that takes care of the heart of your business.

Our proficient sales management team has maximization of profit and delivering value to the customers at the pivot of their focus. They excel at handling three focal points of Sales Management-Sales Operations, Sales Strategy, and Sales Analysis. Our comprehensive range of Sales Management services include Sales Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Sales Performance Evaluation, Upgrading the Sales Strategy and Sales Performance Standards, Sales Target Accomplishment, Enhancing Sales Team’s Capabilities, Optimum Financial Planning, Promotional Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Profitability Analysis and Upgrade, Optimum Sales Forecasting, Inventory Management, and Segmentation Analysis.

Dream Team America’s versatile and innovation-driven Sales Management practitioners and advisors do everything in their power to inject efficiency through high performance, high productivity and high profitability.

National SalesForce

Fuel your future growth with Dream Team America’s tremendously talented National SalesForce. Our leading sales force dramatically drive revenue and strategically meet and exceed your sales objectives. They are persistently committed to helping you achieve massive sales volume increment, substantial market share expansion, boost customer acquisition levels, and pump up your profitability. They excel at developing a large and diverse client base and building worthwhile business bonds all across the USA, Canada and Latin America.

With robust field marketing networks and exceptional internet marketing skills, our national sales warriors can assist you in reaching any part of the USA, Canada and Latin America. You can turbocharge your sales growth and leverage your full sales potential with Dream Team America’s dynamic, high performing, transformational, creativity-driven and result-driven National SalesForce.

Our diverse National SalesForce has just the right people for the right task. Let our sales geniuses help you exponentially expand your marketing capabilities like never before.


To manufacture, advertise, sell or import a product to USA, Canada and Latin America, you must be compliant to the respective country’s Consumer Product Safety Act, Labeling Act, Consumer Packaging Act and other consumer goods related regulations published by the government for every product type. To be able to sell your products in any of these countries, you are required to possess certain certifications and lab test reports.

With Dream Team America’s exclusive and exceptional localization services, you can display your commitment to compliance and minimize the risk or impact of regulatory reviews by government agencies.

Our team of professional compliance experts excels at making your products sale ready all across the USA, Canada and Latin America.

Customer Relationships

It takes more than an excellent product to succeed. It takes excellent customer relationships to make phenomenal business growth. Professionals at Dream Team Americas give your customers a reason to form an emotional connection with your company.

We believe in going above and beyond customer satisfaction. We believe in delivering exceptional customer experiences consistently. Dream Team Americas understands what your customers’ value and adjust our approach to meet and exceed their expectations. We help your brand leverage the power of profound customer relationships through robust communication, quality response to customer feedback, and personal touch.

Our highly skilled teams of professionals create genuine, positive and trustworthy customer relationships. Believe it or not, this is the secret ingredient for the recipe of mega revenue growth.

We Succeed Because We Rule The Streets.

Sales planning

Proficient sales strategists at Dream Team Americas create exclusive and exceptional sales plans that logically lay down for you profit based sales targets, suitable sales strategies, and written execution steps to be followed to achieve business goals. They come up with a sales plan unique to your business based on sales forecasts, demand analysis, target audience evaluation and organization of actions. We build roadmaps that describe your destination and your journey explicitly.


Dream Team Americas rigorously trains its top-notch professionals and preps them with all the knowledge and strategic direction that they need to drive sales and magnify your revenue, profitability and bring you outstanding business growth.

Recruiting / staffing

Dream Team Americas has on its team a large pool of highly-skilled and extraordinarily experienced sales warriors. Our network of top-grade specialists expands beyond international borders. We are continuously recruiting new people to our team with the goal of enhancing our talent pool and expanding our horizons.


Sales experts at Dream Team Americas believe in keeping both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. We have an effective and efficient process and performance evaluation system in place. We indulge in frequent and adequate processes and performance evaluations to ensure the successful fulfillment of various roles and responsibilities and fruitful accomplishment of business goals.


At the pivot of our focus is efficiency. Dream Team Americas works with the goal of maintaining process efficiency and performance efficiency standards to consistently accomplish desired results. We inject efficiency in the heart of everything we do through high performance to accomplish high productivity and high profitability.

Team Management

The core strength of Dream Team Americas lies in team management. We craft dream teams that exhibit excellent coordination skills and task execution skills. Our teams communicate openly and honestly and work with a clear direction in mind. Our dream teams possess the fine trait of close collaboration and mutual trust that differentiates us from the others

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