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You are potentially NOT reaching your athletic potential

True statisticians have to be insatiably thorough about recording and analyzing data. The more granular the information they have to analyze the wiser they’re able to be when making decisions based on it. Advanced analytics were slow to break into the sports world. Everyone was happy to glean numbers that told one side of the story and rely on the instincts of scouts. That is, until people like Billy Beane showed up and mopped up the floor with everyone, using the ... Read more

App-solutely everything about the LEAF app

App-solutely everything about the LEAF app Hey there, LEAF owners! The LEAFs are out in the world and you’ve started using them with the app, so naturally, there are a lot of questions being asked. Luckily, there are a lot of answers, as well, and they’re all h ere to make your LEAF an app-solute pleasure to use. Ready? Here we go!Click HERE Read more