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Meet the Future of Sound

Founded in 2014, by Allen Zhang, Crazybaby products fuse elegant design and superior quality to deliver the ultimate audio-visual experience. Crazybaby launched into orbit with a successful Indiegogo project that generated over $810,000 USD from supporters all over the globe. Allen has since surrounded himself with a world-class team that is dedicated to creating the highest quality consumer audio devices.

The team has received incredible reception and attention with its “out of the world” innovation and design for Mars by Crazybaby, the world’s first auto-levitating wireless Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker. Mars has received numerous awards including “Best of Innovation” at CES 2017 (1 of only 28 winners) and the coveted Red Dot Award for product design.

The innovation of such a product required individuals who possess extreme dedication and ideas that are perhaps a bit “crazy”. The very name given to the company by its founder Allen Zhang stems from a famous quote: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”… “crazy” . And ‘baby” comes from Allen watching his own kids explore the world with curiosity and without limitations or boundaries… “Crazybaby”.

Crazybaby is expanding rapidly and is proud to deliver its products to audio enthusiasts across the globe. It has recently begun to ship its highly anticipated true wireless earphone Air by Crazybaby to its record setting 22,994 individual backers of its crowd-funding campaign. The company promises continued innovation and new audio-visual products in the future to those looking for elegant design, superior technology, and an “out of this world” experience!an “out of this world” experience!

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