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  • Element Case

    Long known as the leader in high-end phone cases, Element Case is a rare breakout in its market segment. We take high end materials such as aircraft grade aluminum, competition grade carbon fiber, and tactical G10, for precision crafting them into distinctive creations guided by the latest in innovative engineering. It is the ongoing mission of our brand to continue to challenge the status quo through a unique combination of industry-leading protection plus stunning design. Element Case: Built for Thrill. Ready for Duty.

  • STM Goods

    Australian-born and grown worldwide, STM Goods is on a mission to improve how people protect and carry their everyday stuff. Since its inception in 1998, the company has become an industry leader in the creation of laptop bags, packs, fitted cases, and other accessories designed to safeguard digital gear, stylishly. Our goal is to make whatever you’re doing easier, safer, a little more unique by creating gear that’s Smarter Than Most.

  • MountnGo™

    We want to use technology and stay connected wherever we go, and we want our mobile devices to be safe and secure. MountnGo™ is the first and only smartphone and tablet mounting system designed to withstand extreme environments. Whether boating, motorcycling, kayaking, paddleboarding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, bouncing around in an ATV, or just about anywhere you want to go, MountnGo’s rugged construction and precision engineering lets you take your devices along for the ride.

  • Catalyst

    Catalyst is a design and development company founded on the idea of creating iconic products that enable people to explore and share their world. In developing our products, we have performed a significant amount of R&D and developed technical expertise, know-how and an IP portfolio that previously did not exist in the market. This is one of the reasons why several case companies approached us to do a partnership. We chose to partner with Griffin Technology and announced our partnership at CES 2013 and launched the co-branded waterproof case which we designed and developed using our IP and know how. Our second generation case was really well received in the industry and received many great reviews. Griffin sold our products in retailers such as Best Buy, FNAC, Media Saturn, JB Hifi and Yodobashi.

  • KeySmart

    KeySmart designs innovative products that pack more function into less space. Our mission is to constantly invent or innovate evolutionary everyday products that are simple, compact and convenient.We don’t shy away from the risk that comes with invention. Our Kickstarter roots have helped us build a foundation of entrepreneurial values that include transparency, community and design that blows your mind.We create smart, sleek, multi-functional products to simplify your daily carry. Our products are conversation-starters and game-changers that evolve the way we do everyday things.

  • Nectar

    Here at Nectar, we don’t play by the rules. A mix of fashion and lifestyle, Nectar offers an alternative to overly expensive eyewear so you can enjoy all the benefits without the compromise. With each pair, you’re opening the door for recreation, passion and fun. Our eyewear delivers style, comfort, and safety all under $50 USD!

  • Healthy Human

    We are Healthy Human, and we are on a journey to create a kinder, healthier world, one sip at a time.We are obsessed with creating products that are durable, safe and sustainable. Made with only the highest quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel, our 100% BPA-free bottles are good for the health of humans and the planet.Because we know you always go the extra mile in life, we do too – from carbineers to straws and cleaning tools, there’ s a little something special in each Healthy Human to make your day just a little bit smoother.

  • Crazybaby

    Crazybaby is an audio geek company bringing fresh soul to modern lifestyles. We create to provide new experiences. Our obsession to detail provides the highest quality products with a unique audio-visual twist. Meet the future.

  • Netatmo

    Created in 2011, Netatmo is a dynamic and innovative company developing consumer electronics for a better and connected lifestyle. Measure and control your environment to improve well-being & peace of mind. All product design, mechanics, electronics, softwares, apps are made in Netatmo R&D center in Paris.

  • Bellabeat

    LEAF - THE SMARTEST PIECE OF JEWELRY THAT MONITORS WOMEN’S HEALTH. Bellabeat debuts the LEAF that monitors women’s activity, sleep, breathing and reproductive health, plus a collection of accessories for every style. LEAF IS YOUR MOST PERSONALIZED PIECE OF JEWELRY The LEAF stays with you throughout the day, stylishly tracking your daily activity, sleep, and stress, revealing life patterns via the LEAF app.


    With a record of revolutionizing battery technology for the world’s fastest cars, the GO PUCK team set out to create the ultimate personal power solution. Designed for those with an Active Lifestyle, GO PUCK gives you the only wearable, compact and durable power source for all your mobile devices. Powerful enough to charge your devices multiple times yet small enough to put in your pocket, the GO PUCK is an essential component of your daily gear. Whether you're a frequent outdoorsman, an avid business traveler, or a major content producer, the GO PUCK allows you to stay connected, capture priceless moments and enjoy mobile freedom.

  • Sudio

    The name Sudio comes from an incident when one of the founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphones. With the frustration of not yet being able to offer any better alternative to Phil the only words he could out were: “trust me I know the feeling”, as they shared eye contact. The name Sudio is an homage to Phil Collins song Sussudio and the determination of succeeding with the venture rendered from the bitter sweet anecdote.

  • Deciwatt

    Deciwatt designs solutions for: - emergency relief and preparedness, working with multilateral organisations, NGOs and government agencies - individuals interested in a unique, renewable light - whether for the next hurricane, their garden shed or kid's bedroom. - conscious consumers wanting to make a difference, as a proportion of Deciwatt's profits are donated to The GravityLight Foundation and it's mission of eliminating kerosene lamps.In ...

  • ConnectSense

    With ConnectSense, we’ve built a variety of simple yet powerful sensors for monitoring different aspects of your environment. These WiFi-based, battery-powered sensors will help you watch over your business, home, and other important locations. Our reliable cloud-based infrastructure ensures that you are are notified whenever something in your environment needs your attention.

  • PONO

    Pono means righteous. It is a Hawaiian word, the one, the pureness. Pono Music World consists of the largest collection of high-resolution digital music and the affordable Pono music player that plays high- resolution music without any compromises. Pono has been conceived, managed and run by founder and CEO Neil Young. The company has built an end-to-end digital music ecosystem that ...

  • EarSkinz

    A few years ago, Jon Kurtz took an important call while connected to his headphones. Rather than focusing on the conversation, he found himself distracted by the hard, ill-fitting earbuds. He couldn't keep them in place for the life of him and they left his ears aching. We created EarSkinz as an inexpensive way to turn Apple earbuds and EarPods into a killer pair of headphones.

  • Brazilian Bikini Shop

    Brazilian Bikini Shop, the world's largest online retailer of Brazilian beachwear. The Brazilian Bikini Shop website is committed to meeting the ever-growing demand of a clientele looking for original and high-quality beachwear. The website's concept was developed by a passionate team of individuals who wanted to offer typical, high-quality products worldwide, including exclusive pieces that can often be found only in Brazil.

  • Fifty Three

    FiftyThree is building the essential suite of mobile tools for creativity and are the creators behind the breakthrough iPad app, Paper by FiftyThree. Paper was named Apple's App of the Year and is used by millions of creators around the world to capture their ideas. FiftyThree is the space to create. Great tools inspire great ideas. Pencil by FiftyThree is the most natural and expressive way to create on iPad. Advanced technology meets beautiful design...

  • Blast Motion

    Know Your Metrics Improve Your Game Make every move matter. The Blast Motion Sensor goes well beyond basic activity tracking — it’s a highly accurate, advanced 3D motion capture sensor that records and displays your actions. Automatically capture and replay your metrics and action video highlights. Smart Video Capture™ technology allows the Blast app to automatically create video clips, allowing you to easily locate, replay and share your...

  • VXI

    VXi provides the best-performing headsets, telecommunications and speech recognition solutions for the benefit of mobile professionals, small and large businesses, and contact centers around the world. From Bluetooth® to Unified Communications, they meet the highest global standards for product quality and service, backed by the industry’s best warranties. VXi designs, markets, sells and supports their products from Dover, New Hampshire, and takes pride in delivering value, excellence...

  • Christian-Rex

    Peter Christian-Rex Nielsen is a Danish born designer who discovered his excellent talents for creative design over 25 years ago. 

With Peter’s natural persona of sophistication and glamour, and with an imagination like a fountain of ideas..., he is always actively inventing new trends and always looking for new ways to better his last one. 

Peters ultimate trendsetter of the moment is his brand ...

  • KHDK

    Taking the tones we have loved over the years, we created something familiar yet different, weaving rich harmonic textures like electronic cotton candy. We wanted to encapsulate their flavor in a sleek enclosure for you to wield its power. We wanted your guitar to sing with the harmony made of an insomniac’s dream. We are two friends who got together and decided to do things a little better – no shortcuts, no cheap components, no flavor enhancers.


    The ZBoard is the world’s first weight-sensing electric skateboard. To ride the ZBoard you simply lean forward to go and lean back to stop. The integrated weight-sensing footpads and electric motor allow you to control acceleration up to a top speed of 17 mph and a range of up to 5 or 10 miles, depending on model, and implements regenerative braking simply by shifting your weight backward.


    CLICK Carabiner provides enthusiasts with a set of tools in a single form that represents what they love to do. Its features have been proven to provide a clear benefit to those who need the tools on the go and want to represent their passion in an interesting way. What was once thought of as a climbing tool or a cool key chain now has endless possibilities to suit your lifestyle’s needs.

  • Netclearance Systems

    Netclearance Systems, Inc. the leading provider of cloud-based in-venue mobile proximity marketing, engagement and analytics solutions, offers state-of-the-art wireless proximity beacon technology and software to drive real-time customer and workplace insight for optimized decisions and increased margins. Founded in 2011, Netclearance is headquartered in San Diego, California.