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KeySmart designs innovative products that pack more function into less space. Our mission is to constantly invent or innovate evolutionary everyday products that are simple, compact and convenient.

We don’t shy away from the risk that comes with invention. Our Kickstarter roots have helped us build a foundation of entrepreneurial values that include transparency, community and design that blows your mind.

We create smart, sleek, multi-functional products to simplify your daily carry. Our products are conversation-starters and game-changers that evolve the way we do everyday things.

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KeySmartKeySmart@PMason00 Thanks for the mention... we might have an aniversary sale on May 5...2 days ago
KeySmartKeySmart@retailgeek @littlewern @WSJ On your show, you guys had been talking about Amazon giving up on their China site for a while.5 days ago
KeySmartKeySmart@9to5mac @_inside I hope they integrate with us.6 days ago
KeySmartKeySmart@caseyneiba @tileapp Ha... I was thinking the same thing when I saw that article... thanks for thinking of us 🙂6 days ago